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The use of FFU purification units in the electronics industry

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The FFU (Fan Filter Unit) unit commonly used in the electronics industry today is composed of a box body, a volute-less fan, a high-efficiency filter, and a control element. Actually, it is a type of self-contained fan laminar flow unit that can be used for laminar flow or it  also can be used for air supply units in turbulent clean rooms, and which is mainly used in the electronics industry. The electronic industry is characterized by a relatively large scale of construction, a relatively large area of clean room space, and a relatively high level of cleanliness, especially in the thousands and 100 levels, and it is also quite frequent to transform.

Conventional purification and air-conditioning systems in the electronics industry often have the disadvantages of large investment, high energy consumption, insufficient flexibility, difficulty in retrofitting and adjustment, long construction period, and high cost of retrofitting. It is the FFU as an air supply unit that overcomes the above drawbacks and is widely used in electronic cleansing projects at home and abroad. Its application consists of the following parts:

(1) FFU unit;

(2) FKE supporting special keel system;

(3) Cooling coils (or dry coils);

(4) Fresh air system.

FFU manufacturer

Its advantages are:

(1) The system is flexible, easy to change, and the number of air supply units can be adjusted at any time, thereby changing the amount of air supply to the room (ie, the number of air changes). To save space, various pipelines, lamps, showers, and electrostatic neutralizers can be arranged in the ceiling air return static pressure box.

(2) If the workshop area is large, it will save a long, large return air duct and save energy.

(3) Negative pressure seal. Do not worry about leaks caused by defective filter installation during FFU operation.

The FFU in the electronic factory building is usually used in conjunction with the cooling coil, which reduces the amount of primary air input. This is in accordance with the characteristics of low moisture production during the production process in the electronics industry. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, due to the relatively dry humidity requirements, it is not appropriate to install cooling coils. Generally, the cooling load of the room is eliminated by increasing the air volume once. The use of FFU for laminar flow hoods will increase the air volume to the room.

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