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How to use FFU to solve the problems in the purification plant?

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The fan filter unit (unit) is a combination of a fan and a filter (high-efficiency filter (HEPA) or ultra high-efficiency filter (ULPA)) to form its own end-powered purification equipment. Specifically, it is a self-contained power module with a filter function. The fan sucks in air from the top of the FFU and is filtered by HEPA. The filtered clean air is evenly sent out over the entire wind surface at a wind speed of 0.45m/s ± 20%. The FFU fan filter unit is often used during the construction of the air purification project. So how to use FFU to solve the problems in the purification workshop? The following KGW purification gives you a brief explanation as follows:

1. The use of FFU can save a lot of space and solve the problem of narrow maintenance space at the top of the ceiling of a clean room.

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Since high-level clean rooms (such as a hundred-level workshop) require a hundred or even ten laminar flow hoods to solve the process requirements, a huge air supply static pressure box will be set up on the ceiling of the clean room, and a ventilator will be set up inside the static pressure box. These static pressure boxes, together with air supply and return air pipes, occupy a lot of space, making the maintenance space narrow and sometimes affecting the use of fire exits.

But when using FFU, the ceiling of the clean room is divided into several modules, each module is a FFU, so that we can meet the requirements of pressure balance of the plenum in the upper part of the ceiling by adjusting each module (FFU). Thus, greatly reducing the high requirements of the static pressure box. At the same time, it can save huge sending and return ducts, so it can save installation space. Especially when the reconstruction project is limited by the height of the floor, the FFU effectively solves this problem.

2. Using the structural characteristics of FFU's independence, it can be adjusted at any time to make up for the lack of mobility of the clean room, thereby solving the shortcomings of the production process that should not be adjusted.

The maintenance structure of clean room is generally made of metal. After the completion of the construction, the layout cannot be arbitrarily changed. However, due to the continuous renewal of the production process, the original plant cleanliness layout cannot meet the requirements of the new process, resulting in  the clean room need to update frequently,which cause a large amount of financial and material resources are wasted. If the number of FFUs is increased or decreased, the cleanliness layout of the room can be partially adjusted to meet the changes in the process, and the FFU has its own power, tuyere, and lamps, which can save a lot of investment. This is almost impossible to achieve the same effect for a purification system that is usually focused on air supply.

3. The FFU system is significantly energy-efficient, which solves the shortcomings of the air-conditioning unit's huge and air-conditioning unit's operating costs.

If there is a higher cleanliness level for individual cleanrooms in larger areas, the air volume of the air-conditioner units that are bound to supply air is larger and the blower pressure is higher, so as to overcome the resistance from the air ducts ,the initial efficiency, medium efficiency and high-efficiency filters ,can meet the cleanliness requirements of these rooms, but which will result in an increase in the overall operating costs of air conditioners, while the cleanliness effects of rooms with higher cleanliness levels may not be sufficient to meet the demand. In addition, if the air-conditioning system malfunctions in the centralized air supply system, all the clean rooms that involved in the air-conditioning system will stop operating.

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