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ffu Knowledge

How to choose FFU fan filter unit correctly?

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FFU ,it’s professional term is fan filter unit. FFU can be modularly connected and widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bio-engineering, medical, laboratory and other applications. FFU has two-stage filterare primary and high efficiency . The fan draws in air from the top of the FFU andwhich will be filtered by primary and high efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is delivered at a constant speed of 0.45 M/S±20% across the entire outlet surface.

The selection of FFU requires a certain expertise. Not a single quality is sufficient, but the overall performance of all aspects meets its own requirements. How to choose the right FFU fan filter unit,KGW will introduce you as follows:

1. Noise control. Generally, several fans or even dozens of fans are used in parallel. When designing ,the superposition of noise should be considered,which requires the noise in non-unidirectional flow clean rooms should not exceed 60dB, andthe noise inunidirectional flow and mixed flow clean rooms should not exceed 65dB. Therefore, when selecting a fan, it is better to select a high-performance, pressure-out, direct-drive radial vane fan, which can also reduce the overall noise.

Fan filter unit

2. Fancase. There are many issues to be considered when choosing the structure offan case. Since more products are used, it is necessary to sterilize them. Therefore, it is necessary to consider thatwhether it willcause adverse chemical reactions whendisinfectantare used to disinfect the casing of the machine. Secondly, it is necessary to eliminates the damage caused during transportation and handling; the last is the use of the environment, which is an important part of the life of the fancase. Therefore, it is best to use stainless steel or aluminum alloy materialto maketheouter case.

3. The choice of control method.currently most FFUs  on the marketare adapt DC motors, three-way multi-speed AC motors and unidirectional multi-speed AC motors, and their supply voltages are roughly four types of 110V, 220V, 270V, and 380V. Therefore, the control method is mainly divided into several types:

a. Remote control. The system, as a complement to the computer control method, can use a remote controller to control each fan unit, complementing computer control.

b. Multi-step switch control. Install a speed control switch and a power switch to control the FFU. Relatively simple structure, stable speed, and low cost.

c. Stepless speed control. Compared with the multi-step switch control mode, the stepless adjustment control has a continuous speed regulator, which enables the FFU fan speed to be continuously adjustable, but at the same time, it also sacrifices the motor efficiency, making its energy consumption even higher than the multi-step switch control mode.

d. Computer group control. Easy to control, can adjust speed andachieve more complex applications. Using distributed control, can achieve centralized control and monitoring of the FFU,thecontrol the different systems of FFU partition system  andmonitor a single FFU , and this method also has the effect of energy saving.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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