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How do clean labs purchase purification equipment?

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Clean room are widely used in the inspection room, purification room, nanjing develop science and technology has more than 10 years of design experience, purification engineering laboratory, sterile laboratory project, laboratory ventilation systems engineering is the enterprise according to some requirements are relatively high, the experimental sample is relatively sensitive to the environment. Or is too poor air quality pollution experimental samples, such as, brain cells, biological products, microbial research laboratory, stem cells in the laboratory, blood laboratory and animal laboratory, biological safety laboratory, virus research LABS, etc, will have to request to lab or lab air purification engineering system processing areas. In order to make the laboratory infrastructure meet the standards of the experimental requirements, the experiment can be carried out safely.

labs purchase purification equipment

How to choose clean laboratory purification equipment? Below jinguanghua purification for your answers as follows:

1. For filtering materials: good filtering materials (currently recognized as the best HEPA high-density filtering materials in the world) adsorb 0. The capacity of pollutants above 3 microns is as high as 99. Over 9%; If indoor smoke pollution is heavy, the air purifier with better dust removal efficiency can be selected.

2. About the purification efficiency: the room is large, and the air purifier with large amount of air purification per unit should be selected. For example, a room of 15 square meters should choose an air purifier with unit air purification capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour.

3, the service life: with purification filter bile tends to saturation, purifier adsorption ability to drop, so consumers should choose which has the function of regeneration purification filter bile (including efficient catalytic active carbon), in order to prolong the life.

4, room pattern influence purification effect: the air purifier in outlet ring design is 360 degrees, is one way in and out of the wind, if the product is put on the pattern of the room without limit, you should choose the ring in and out of the wind design products.

5, requirements: choose according to need to purify the kinds of pollutants in air filter, HEPA to smoke, suspended particles, bacterium, virus has very strong purification function, catalytic activated carbon for odor and harmful gas purification effect is better.

6. After-sales service: after the failure of the purifying filter tank, it needs to be replaced by the manufacturer, so consumers should choose products produced by the manufacturer with perfect after-sales service.

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Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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