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How to install a clean shed in a clean room?

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Clean the shed is to the most convenient and fast to establish a simple and easy clean room, clean the shed have many kinds of clean level and the space collocation can be designed and manufactured according to use demand, so the simple easy to install and use elastic large short construction period and moves to its main characteristics, clean the shed at the same time should be adopted in the general level of need high cleanliness of clean room in the local area to do local add to reduce costs. Clean shed is a kind of air purification equipment that can provide local high clean environment. The clean shed is mainly composed of a box body, a fan, a primary air filter, a damping layer, a lamp, etc. This product can be suspended, ground support, compact structure, easy to use. It can be used individually, or multiple connections can be made to form a clean ribbon zone.

Clean the shed install

Clean shed can also be targeted at the general level of clean room in the local areas where high cleanliness needs to do local additions to reduce costs. Can clean shed replace clean room after all? The answer is no. Because products like a clean shed, a clean shed, and a clean shed are only part of the product that you can use in a more demanding environment than you can achieve in a clean level.

The following KGW purification for everyone on the allocation of clean shed:

First, the frame: take industrial aluminum (or stainless steel fangtong, iron fangtong) as the frame stable, beautiful, not rusting, not producing dust.

Second, anti-static vertical curtain: anti-static vertical curtain (or acrylic board) is used around the four sides to prevent static effect, high transparency, clear mesh, good flexibility, no deformation, not easy aging.

Third. The fan filter unit head quarter: the PCI centrifugal fan, Singapore has long life, low noise, no maintenance, little vibration, can be stepless features, such as fan quality is reliable, long working life, coupled with the unique air duct design, greatly improving the efficiency of the fan, reduces the noise. The internal purification level can reach 100-100k; It is especially suitable for areas with high requirements of local purification level in the workshop, such as assembly line operation area.

Fourthly, the special purification lamp of the purification room is adopted, and no dust is produced.

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Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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