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Knowledge of dust-free workshop

What are the factors that affect a clean room?

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The cleanliness of a clean room is often affected by the airflow, in other words, the movement and diffusion of dust generated by people, machine compartments, and architectural structures are controlled by the airflow. The clean room USES HEPA, ULPA to filter the air, and its dust collection rate reaches 99.97~ 99.9999995%, so the air filtered through this filter can be said to be very clean. Clean indoor in addition to people, however, there are machines such as hair dust source, once the occurrence of dust diffusion, namely cannot clean space, so we must use air dust emitted quickly will occur.

Clean indoor air is one of the important factors about the cleanroom performance, general clean room air flow speed is between 0.25 ~ 0.5 m/s, the area of air velocity is a breeze, vulnerable people, such as the machine movement and interference becomes chaotic, is improve the wind speed can suppress the effects of the disturbing and maintain cleanliness, but due to the increase of wind speed will affect the increase of operating costs, so should be meet the requirements of the level of cleanliness, to be able to supply the most suitable wind speed, in order to achieve the appropriate wind supply in order to achieve economic effect.

Vertical laminar flow direction to maintain uniform air flow must :(a) the blowing front wind speed must not be different in speed; (b) there shall be no difference in velocity in the wind speed of the suction surface of the floor return panel. Eddy currents occur at low or high speeds (0.2m/s, 0.7m/s), while at speeds of 0.5m/s, the airflow is more uniform.

Clean room renovation

There are many factors affect the clean room air flow, such as process equipment, personnel, clean room assembly materials, lighting equipment, etc., at the same time for the production equipment of air above the split points, should also be included in the consideration. General work station or on the surface of the production equipment such as air flow distribution points, should be in clean room space and two-thirds of clapboard spacing, so can make the workers work, working in the air can flow from inside the process area, and the dust away; If diversion point configuration in the process zone ahead, will become the improper air bypass, when most of the air flow to process area, operators will be brought to the equipment operation caused by the dust, the workbench and therefore will be subject to pollution, yield is reduced.

Clean indoor obstacles such as work tables, in place will have the eddy current phenomenon occurs, relatively poor in the vicinity of cleanliness will, return air hole on work desktop drill, will make the eddy current phenomenon reduced minimum; The proper selection of assembly materials and the perfect equipment layout are also important factors for the eddy current phenomenon.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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