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How to use the process of operating the clean bench correctly in purification engineering?

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Clean bench is widely used in medical and health, pharmacy, biochemical experiment, electronics, precision instruments, instruments and other industries, and provides local purification equipment for sterile clean environment without dust. Jinguanghua purification to tell you about the purification project clean table when using the correct operating procedures.

The correct operating procedures for the use of the clean workbench in purification engineering, and the operating procedures for the use of the clean workbench:

1. For newly installed or unused workstations, it is necessary to use ultra-clean vacuum cleaner or non-fiber products before use.

2. Turn on the power, and turn on the uv lamp and the air unit 15 to 30 minutes in advance.

3. When it is necessary to adjust the wind speed of the fan, use the wind speed adjustment button on the operating panel of the workbench for adjustment. The fan and lighting are indicated by the indicator light.

Purification engineering

4. It is forbidden to store unnecessary items on the working table to keep the clean air flow in the working area undisturbed.

5. It is forbidden to record and write on the workbench face. When working, it should try to avoid obvious disturbance of air flow; It is forbidden to place articles in the part of pre-filtration inlet to avoid blocking the inlet and reducing the air intake and reducing the purification capacity.

6. After use, clean the working table with disinfectant and turn on the uv lamp. After 15-30 minutes, turn off the uv lamp and turn off the power of the clean table.

7. Please dial the power plug for the long time unused workbench.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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