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Where can we design energy saving in the GMP pharmaceutical dust-free workshop?

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Along with the Rapid development and expansion of the construction scale of GMP standard pharmaceutical clean room  , taking effective measures from the design of pharmaceutical clean room to reduce energy consumption and save energy has come to the point where it is urgent. For a long time, the main contradiction in the design of clean dust-free workshop of pharmaceutical factory is particulates, and the problem of energy saving has not been paid much attention. Using advanced energy-saving technology and measures in building layout and technological conditions can effectively reduce energy consumption and drug production cost.

GMP pharmaceutical dust-free workshop

In the design of clean pharmaceutical dust-free workshop , for the determination of air cleanliness level standards should be on the premise of guarantee the quality of production, considering the capacity of production , the size of the equipment,  the connection mode between production process and operation mode, the number of operations, the degree of automation equipment, the cleaning method of equipment and so on to reduce investment and operating cost, meet the requirements of energy saving.

The main pollution sources of clean room air are not people, but new building decoration materials, detergents, adhesives, modern office supplies and so on. Therefore, the use of green environmental protection materials with low pollution can make the pollution of clean  pharmaceutical factory in a low degree, which is also a good way to reduce the fresh air load and reduce energy consumption.

Local lighting can be used for high illuminance operation points, but it is not suitable to raise the minimum illumination standard of the whole workshop. At the same time, non-production room lighting should be lower than production room, but not less than 100 lumens. According to the Japanese industrial standard level of intensity of illumination, the precision of operation as 200 lumens, and drug companies can't more than the precision operation, so drop the minimum illumination from  300 lumens to 150 lumens is appropriate,which can significantly save energy.

On the premise of ensuring the clean effect, reducing the number of air changes and air supply is one of the important means of energy conservation. The number of air changes ,the advanced degree of equipment and the layout, the size and shape of the clean room and the density of personnel is closely related to the production process.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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