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What problems should be paid attention to in the renovation of the purification workshop?

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With the continuous progress of the purification industry in the society, enterprises have strict requirements on the renovation of various purification workshops. According to the cleanliness level of purification workshop of some enterprises and international requirements, after a period of time, the purification workshop will be improved and upgraded. If there is no cleaning workshop or clean room, it is impossible to manufacture the contaminated sensitive parts in batches. So, what problems should be paid attention to in the renovation of the purification workshop?

purification workshop

Generally, the height of the old factory is around 3m, and the area and shape are quite different from the actual requirements. Generally, it is not possible to install air ducts ,set technical interlayer and special air conditioning system according to the routine installation, . According to the basic principles of air purification and the previous construction practice, there is a practical purification workshop technical renovation method, especially suitable for technical renovation of small and medium-sized purification workshop . The following is explained to you by KGW purification:

Using ordinary air conditioner mainstream area sent directly to the air cold air purification workshop of schematic diagram. Purification workshop set up within the old factory building, room height of 3 m, purification workshop wall using sandwich color steel construction, about 2.4 m high,at the top of purification workshop is the fan room, about 0.6 m high, which is equipped with fan box. Generally common air conditioning blower can send the cold wind to 15 m, which can  basically satisfy the general small and medium-sized purification workshop.When blowing distance is far,the fan can be mounted on the cold wind tube to increase the supply air pressure.

It must be noted that the hood and the cold air pipe must be insulated. The thickness of indoor units of ordinary cabinet type air conditioners is generally between 0.25m and 0.35m. Considering the width of the guide hood, the width of the return air duct can be set at least 0.5m to 0.7m. When the wall-mounted air conditioner is selected, the width of the return air duct can also be reduced, and the width of the remaining return air duct can be set at least 0.1m. In this way, the design of the purification workshop can maximize the use of architectural space.

Airflow are sent from the wind into the static pressure box,go through HEPA filter then go into the purification workshop, again from the early return air filter into the return air passageway, part of the return airflow and the fresh air from  the primary air filter will go through medium efficient filter and sent into the fan  room, the other part of the airflow will directly sent into the inlet of air conditioning, air cooled by the dome and cooling tube and will sent into the fan chamber. After the two parts of the airflow are mixed in the fan chamber,it will be fed into the static pressure chamber through the medium effect filter on the fan box, and then through the high efficiency filter into the purification workshop to form the air circulation system.

 It can be seen from the circulation of air flow that a good three-stage filtration state has been formed. Therefore, the air quality of the purification workshop is guaranteed reliably. On this basis, the structure and layout of the high efficiency air supply outlet can be adjusted, and the corresponding air volume can be matched to determine the clean form and cleanliness of the purification workshop, so as to meet different needs.

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Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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