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What kinds of purification equipment should be installed in the dust-free workshop?

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Dust-free workshop refers to special design of the room that eliminate a certain space range of aerosols,bacteria and other pollutants in the air, and control the environmental factors such as the indoor temperature,humidity, cleanliness, pressure, air velocity and static electricity within a certain scope . Dust-free workshops are necessary to ensure mass production in environmentally demanding industries such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and solar panels.     

So, what are the main cleaning equipment installed in the dust-free workshop?

1.The wind system of dust-free purification workshop need to install air filter box, the central purification air-conditioning (the central air conditioning is divided into three filter section are the early effective/medium effective/ high effective)need high efficiency air supply outlet. If necessary, a purified pressure tank shall be equipped.  

2. the air return system of the dust free purification workshop shall install return air inlet, primary efficiency filter , and medium-effect air return box.

3. Enter the buffer zone before entering the dust-free purification workshop, install electronic interlock on the buffer door, and place clean storage closet and fresh air machine in the changing room.

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4. Vertical laminar flow table, laminar flow cover (FFU), clean shed (portable purification shed) and self-purifier should be installed at the local level of 10-1000 in the dust-free purification workshop.Laser dust particle counter is used for measuring cleanliness of clean room.

5. The clean workshop should be designed with observation windows to facilitate the visit.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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