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What are the advantages of the purification workshop of photoelectric factory?

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With the rapid development of China's modern industry, the production environment in the process of product manufacturing is more and more demanding. Every large electronic manufacturers begin to use photoelectricity purification workshops for production to ensure the quality of product and prolong the service life of the product .Also purification workshop is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research, laboratory, hospital and other industries, grades range from 100 to 100, 000. With years of experience in the design and construction of the purification workshop, KGW has completed the cleaning projects of grade 100 and grade 1000 for customers. It has been recognized and respected by purification industry partners, and has received unanimous praise and strong support from a wide range of customers. So what are the advantages of the light power plant purification workshop?

purification workshop of photoelectric factory

1. Versatility

The photoelectricity purification workshop is a multifunction integrated whole, which is reflected in the following two aspects: 1. Multi-specialty -- architecture, air conditioning, purification, pure water and pure gas 2. Multiple parameters -- air cleanliness, bacterial concentration, air volume, pressure, noise and illumination.

2. Good crystallization performance

Does not absorb dust, suitable for wall of photoelectricity purification workshop , and it can save energy and protecting environment.

3. Good quality

For the quality of the photoelectricity  purification workshop, in terms of importance, the design, construction and operation management accounts for a third, that is to say, clean workshop itself but also is embodied through the whole process from design to the management of its quality.

4. Convenient construction

10-14 kg/m2, equivalent to 1/30 of the brick wall, usually 50mm thick plywood is used for cleaning the partition wall and roof of the workshop. Moreover, the color steel plate is convenient to set: the construction period is short, and the workshop can adjust according to the production demand.

5. Meet industry standards

The photoelectricity purification workshop design must be in accordance with the requirements of production process, adjust measures to local conditions, make full use of existing technical facilities. Besides, the design of clean workshop not only conforms to this standard, but also conforms to the current international standards.

KGW provides a whole professional solutions about the air purification systems engineering, provides a series of services for many enterprises ,such as clean air-conditioning design and installation,purification equipment, electrical and mechanical decoration, system maintenance and so on, has trained numerous professional and technical personnel and a large number of professional construction team,with excellent after-sales service.

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Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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