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Purification Case

photoelectric factory purification case

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KGW purify and undertake the design and installation of professional 10-30 million standard photoelectric factory and dust-free workshop. We are the high-tech company of the photoelectric solution technology overall solution scheme, KGW purification has an outstanding team including R&D department, design department, engineering department, production department, after-sales service department, and provides powerful support for your workshop environment.

Photovoltaic factory include dust-free workshop business of LCD manufacturing, optical lens manufacturing, optoelectronics communications, precision instruments, microelectronics, magneto-optical technology, computers, mobile phone camera, semiconductor, microelectronics, optoelectronics, electronic instrumentation, aerospace industry, PCB, model and other projects. According to different industry standards, custom-design and construct different types of high-quality photoelectric  factory clean room of the dust-free workshop.

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Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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