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Purification Case

Cosmetics purification case

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Why do cosmetics need to set up a special clean and clean cosmetics workshop?

The dust-free workshop is specially designed and treated, no matter how the external air condition changes, its indoor can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and other properties.

1.Under the condition of non-constant temperature, the raw materials and ingredients used in cosmetics production are easy to deteriorate, resulting in unqualified products.

2.Cosmetics have high requirements on the cleanliness of production equipment during the production process, otherwise it is easy to cause cross-contamination.

3.There are particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air, which can cause secondary pollution to the products in the process of manufacturing, setting, filling and packaging of cosmetics.

4.To ensure the quality of cosmetics should have: security, stability, usability, usefulness.Therefore, it is necessary to produce and manufacture in a good environmental space, namely, cosmetics cleaning workshop.

5.Cosmetics semi-finished products storage rooms, filling, clean container storage rooms, dressing room and buffer must have air purification or air disinfection facilities, clean workshop cosmetics can provide such a clean environment.

When cosmetic products that use hazardous, flammable and explosive materials or generate dust during production ,it must use clean room. Otherwise, it is easy to have a security incident.

The design content of cosmetics dustless workshop includes the following aspects:

1.Reasonable layout of process flow and building plan;

2.Choose the construction structure and materials that meet the characteristics of cosmetic dustless workshop;

3.The design of the clean room of cosmetics should be based on the local energy supply background at that time, and select reliable and economical sources of cold and heat;

4.ivide and arrange air conditioning purification and ventilation systems;

5.Choose reasonable air purification and ventilation equipment.

Principles of air treatment in cosmetics purification workshop:Airflow  - Primary air treatment - The air conditioning - Medium effect air treatment- Fan air supply - Purification pipeline - High efficiency air supply port - Purification workshop - To remove dust (bacteria). -  Return air clamping - fresh air, primary air treatment.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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