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Purification Case

Electronic dust - free workshop purification case

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The production technology of the electronics industry has the requirements of antistatic and anti vibration, and there are many kinds of bulk gases and special gases, which require high purity and cleanliness.
1. noise level (empty state) of 10000 class cleanroom in electronic manufacturing factory: no more than 65dB (A).
2. the cleanliness ratio of the vertical cleanroom in the electronic manufacturing plant should not be less than 60%. The horizontal one-way cleanroom should not be less than 40%, otherwise the local unidirectional flow will occur.
3. the static pressure difference between clean room and outdoor should not be less than 10Pa. The static pressure difference between clean area and non clean area of different air cleanliness should not be less than 5Pa
4. the fresh air volume of the 10000 class clean room in the electronics manufacturing industry should take the maximum value of the following two items:
5. compensate for the amount of fresh air required for indoor ventilation and for maintaining positive pressure indoors.
6. ensure that fresh air is not less than 40m3 per hour per person in a clean room.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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