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Business scope

Business scope  :

Air purification (dust-free) engineering in workshop;

Workshop aseptic engineering;

Floor engineering (anti-dust, anti-static, anti-corrosion);

Constant temperature and humidity environment engineering;

Anti-static engineering;

Environment protection engineering;

Control:cleanliness,temperature,humidity,Air pressure,Air distribution,Electrostatic,Noise,Vibration.

Medical purification Engineering:Laminar flow operating room,ICU,NICU,CCU,A hundred-laminar flow ward,Hemodialysis room,Central supply room,Preparation room and other purification engineering design,construction,after-sales service.

GMP purification engineering: Pharmaceutical workshop,Medical equipment,Food and beverage,Cosmetics workshop,Water factory and other purification engineering design,construction,after-sales service.

Laboratory purification engineering:PCR Laboratory ,HIV Laboratory,P2Laboratory,SPF Laboratory,Tumor drug dispensing center,Plasma blood cell laboratory,Central Laboratory,Sterile Laboratory,Fine polymerLaboratory,Physicochemical Laboratory drug and other purification engineering desig,construction,after-sales service.

Electronics industry purification,

engineering:Photoelectron  industry,Backlight workshop,PCB circuit board workshop,disc injection molding workshop, spray coating workshop, printing workshop, COB packaging workshop, SMT workshop and other purification engineering design, construction, after-sales service.

Provide equipment and products:

Human air shower room, cargo air shower room, ffu, clean bench, air shower transfer Windows, ordinary transfer window, residual pressure valve, high efficiency air supply outlet  , High efficiency filter, Medium efficiency filter bag, Primary effect filter, pressure differential gauge, dust particle counter, anti-static consumables, etc.

Construction stage :

Installation and commissioning of air-conditioning equipment;

Production, installation and commissioning of air supply, return and exhaust pipes and valves;

production and installation of structure of color steel plate, doors and Windows.

Lighting electrical system and power distribution cabinet installation;

Self-leveling epoxy floor and PVC floor construction;

Process pipeline installation;

Construction of water supply and drainage pipelines;

Fire engineering;Automatic control system.


Service phone:




Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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