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Air filter series

Middle-Efficency Filter

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Middle-Efficency Filter


The medium - effect filter is a F - series filter in air filter.

F series efficiency air filter bag and a bag, two bag including F5, F6 and F7, F8, F9, not the bag including FB (plate effectively filter), FS (barrier effect filter), FV (combined effect filter).


It is mainly used in intermediate filtration, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and other industrial purification of central air-conditioning and ventilation system.

It can also be used as a front-end filter for high efficiency filtering, so as to reduce the load of high efficiency over-thinking and extend its service life.

Due to the large windward surface, the air dust volume is large and the wind speed is low, which is considered to be the best medium effect filter structure at present.


1. Collect 1-5um particle dust and various suspended solids.

2. Adopt hot-melt technology, stable structure, and reduce the risk of leakage.

3. High air volume.

4. Low resistance.

5. High dust capacity.

6. Can be reused for cleaning.

7. Type: rimless type and rimless bag type

8. Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber

9. Efficiency :60%~95% @1-5um (colorimetric method)

10, the highest use temperature and humidity: 80 , 80%

Replacement cycle

Under the condition of rated air volume, the filter should be replaced within 3-4 months.

Or when the resistance of the filter reaches over 400Pa, the filter must be replaced.

If the filter is using a washable filter material, the filter material can be replaced. The filter material can be rinsed with water or a solution containing a neutral detergent, dried and then replaced.

Allow cleaning twice at most, that is, new filters must be replaced;

If the dust concentration in the use environment is large, the service life cycle will be reduced.


Regularly check whether the filter inlet surface is blocked with debris, and whether the filter surface is damaged;If there is an object blocking the surface, it should be removed.If the filter material surface is seriously damaged, new filter material must be replaced or new filter must be replaced for reinstallation.When installing the filter, it should ensure good sealing at the pressing edge of the frame body to prevent air leakage.Do not use heavy objects to impact the filter surface, do not force to pull the filter surface;When installing, the length and direction of the filter bag mouth should be vertical to the ground to ensure the filtering effect of air supply and increase the service life.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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