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Anti-static Series

PVC anti-static floor

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PVC anti-static floor

Brief introduction

PVC anti-static floor is made of PVC resin as the main body through special processing technology. The anti-static network formed between PVC particle interface has permanent anti-static function.

Looks like marble, with good decorative effect.

It is suitable for the program control machine room, computer room and clean workshop of telecommunication and electronic industry which need purified and anti-static .

Main function

1. The conductive material is carbon black with stable performance, and the conductive network passes directly from the upper surface to the lower surface, which determines the permanent anti-static performance;

2. The base material is semi-rigid PVC plastic, with the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-ignition and flame retardant;

3. The exterior surface is like a marble pattern, with adjustable color, good decoration effect and convenient construction.


1. When placing objects on the floor, avoid dragging heavy objects on the floor. Its contact surface should not be too small.

2. When walking on the floor, do not wear shoes with metal nails, and do not use sharp objects or hard objects to scratch and hit the floor surface.

3. Always mop the floor with a wet mop. The dirtier areas can be cleaned with alcohol and other solvents.

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Business line:0755-27258600

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