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Cleanroom auxiliary equipment

Clean clothing shoes cabinet

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Clean clothing shoe cabinet, also known as dust-free clothing shoe cabinet, it is a kind of special clothes clean shoe cabinet, widely used in medicine, preparation, electronics, precision instruments, meters, food industries such as special occasion of clean clothes, shoes store, prevent clean clothes, shoes in the process of transfer from other air pollution.

Top one FFU, the upper part is divided into the wardrobe, the lower part is the shoe cabinet, the shoe cabinet just USES the compulsory exhaust system, can avoid the shoe cabinet has peculiar smell.

At the same time also can according to the customer's need to separate the wardrobe and shoe cabinet, make separate clean wardrobe and shoe cabinet.

Shoe cabinet still can use combination lock.

product usage

Clean clothes and shoes cabinet, self-clean clothes and shoes cabinet are mainly used in clean room, clean room, laboratory, operating room and GMP workshop of air purification industry.

Product features

1. German EBM direct drive high efficiency centrifugal fan, low noise, no maintenance, low vibration, long life and stable performance.

2. American AAF has high efficiency, low resistance, and PTEE membrane filter - saving more than 30%.

3. Dwyer pressure difference meter in the United States indicates the pressure difference on both sides of the high efficiency filter, and timely reminds the replacement of the high efficiency filter.

4. Advanced design, designed according to us federal standard 209E, has high reliability and performance.

5. Pre-filter and chemical molecular filter can be added as required to create a better production environment.

Optional configuration

1. The filtration efficiency is 99.99%@0.3um or 99.9995%@0.12um.

2. The material can be made of stainless steel or all cold plate, or both.

3. Optional digital display or pointer display for pressure display.

4. Optional yellow light/ultraviolet sterilization lamp.


6. Optional PLC automatic control system.

7. Air self-circulation system is optional to avoid secondary pollution.

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Business line:0755-27258600

Add:Blue Sky science park,Donghuan Road,Shajing,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

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